She can handle every genre of music: She sight reads, she composes, she plays by ear, she transposes and arranges on the spot and she plays in a way that lifts and supports a singer. She's lovely and amazingly sweet and totally devoid of ego.

-Ryan Kelly -

Composer Portas stylistically brackets the songs in time .....duets handle the conversational give and take of the lyrics with flawless timing and modulation

-Steve Parks - Newsday, NY

The music is really the star of the show. From the opening number "spend the night to the closing song "moving on" the music is memorable. It is fun relevant and exciting. Even after seeing the show two nights ago, I am still able to recall lyrics and melodies to mind.

-James Jackson - Palm Springs, CA

Lynn Portas delivers in 108 Waverly. The music is captivating throughout, mezmorizing at times.

-Scott Brassart - Theatre Scene